Drilling Rig SM-14 Soilmec from Nhava Sheva to Genova Port 15.07

By Luglio 20, 2022Blog

Drilling rigs are terrestrial or maritime equipment for perforating the soil and rocks that remove fragments resulting from the operation through the flow of perforation fluid or mud. Rotary drilling rigs, as they dig deeper, also support steel cladding and cementing of the annular space of the well so that the operation can proceed safely. The operation of drilling rigs requires the fulfillment of several safety requirements, and one of the most important aspects is kick control. The main causes of kicks are insufficient mud weight or insufficient sludge supply during the well operation. When the pressure of the confined fluid exceeds the mud pressure, we have a kick. The initial accident scenario of this event is the development of uncontrollable flow from the well to the surface. Special care during perforation must be taken to prevent kicks, such as avoiding swab (negative pressure during the removal of the drilling column), monitoring the presence of gas in the fluid or mud that is reducing its density, preventing interruptions in the fluid circulation, preventing cementing failures that cause hydrostatic pressure reduction, and preventing inadequate testing during the probe operation.

Source: ScienceDirect

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