Road Transport

FTL or LTL: efficiently on all roads

Trasporto su gomma - road transport

The ideal partner for your road shipments

Choose I.Barbon for national and international road transport of your goods in complete safety.

With a wide network of selected partners all over the world, I.Barbon does bespoke road transport projects, both full load in FTL mode (Full Truck Load) and part load in LTL mode (Less Than a Truck).

The I.Barbon team is always ready to offer customers innovative customized solutions and services, which combine efficiency, speed and safety of road shipping at competitive rates.

Fast and efficient collection and delivery of goods

High logistical capacity and organizational versatility allow I.Barbon to offer a particularly efficient goods collection and delivery service, without intermediate steps, guaranteeing speed in road transport and total safety of goods even in the case of LTL shipments, ensuring each contact person an accurate and economically advantageous service.

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Why choose I.Barbon road transport

  • Safe and punctual road transport all over the world
  • Possibility of FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less Than a Truck) transport on all roads
  • Over 80 years of experience in national and international road transport
  • Highly qualified team to best plan your road transport
  • Fast and efficient goods collection and delivery service, without intermediate steps
  • ADR dangerous goods transport(DGR) in complete safety
  • Bespoke customs, bureaucratic and insurance consultancy
  • Traceability and constant monitoring of your shipments

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