Warehouses and storage of your goods

I.Barbon assures its customers a high quality warehousing service, with warehouses strategically located near the main international ports and airports and an advanced management of the entrusted goods, allowing the customer to optimize the supply chain and minimize costs.

Consolidated logistical skills and cutting-edge technologies allow I.Barbon to offer its customers:

  • highly specialized and qualified personnel at all stages of storage
  • logistics carefully designed to facilitate the flow of goods arriving and departing through a very high quality goods storage, picking and distribution system
  • consolidation operations for the groupage transport service
  • advanced management of inventory and shipments, to ensure just in time deliveries
  • constant compliance with regulations to ensure a healthy and safe working environment
  • constant security and surveillance thanks to dedicated personnel and anti-theft and fire prevention systems
  • I.T. and punctual management of all documentation related to storage
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